2018 Sessions - June 4-8, June 25-29, July 16-20

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Dark Planet is a unique engineering and survival experience.  We need to know a little bit about you so that we can properly place you in a mission.  Each mission is different and your answers will help us form teams that have a variety of experience and skills.

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This experience requires you to spend days and nights outdoors in a rugged area.  There are limited creature comforts provided.  Materials are provided that your team may choose to use in ways that can enhance comfort during your mission. 

Experienced leaders will remain with your team to provide instruction, monitor activities and insure basic safety.  Outdoors and scouting experience will be helpful but are not prerequisites for participation.  Please make sure you will be confident in a primitive setting as no refunds will be given once a mission begins. 

This application begins the process of getting assigned to a mission.  Further communication will follow to detail scheduling, payment and mission preparation.

*A Note On The Minimum Age – Our current minimum age is 14.  Programs with modifications for applicants under 14 may be considered if enough interest is shown.  Please submit an application to be kept informed of any changes to the age requirement.

Parents should expect all the risks, hazards and discomforts associated with the activities described on this website.

Although not required by every player, airsoft battles will occur, and small welts can result from this. Appropriate safety gear will be provided at all times, and adult supervision, in addition to the two team leaders will be present.

Scratches, bruises, cuts, bug bites, sunburn and similar injuries are likely in this camp. Participants need to be able to cope with such predicaments.  As with any outdoor activity in rugged terrain, the possibility exists of more serious injury.

All adults are trained and certified in Red Cross first aid skills, ample first aid kits will be available, and in the event of serious injury, professional medical assistance is only about 15 minutes from the area.

Staff will be constantly monitoring the weather.  In the event of bad weather, the spaceship can serve as shelter from storms. In extreme weather participants can be temporarily relocated.

2018 Sessions - June 4-8, June 25-29, July 16-20